‘Scumbags’ threw puppy into bucket and kicked him around ‘for a laugh’

Animal rescuers have been left outraged after ‘scumbags’ threw a helpless puppy into a bucket and kicked him around for their enjoyment. The poor pooch, who has been named Stuart Little, was taken in by the Friends of Rescue, in Derry, Northern Ireland, with cuts and scars all over his tiny body.

It wasn’t until the team managed to get a closer look at him that they realised the extent of his injuries – and worried about how they would impact his growth and development. A spokesperson said: “In the last few days we have taken in another four animals and this is one of them and we are so angry and upset, reports BelfastLive.

“Not even eight-weeks- old, found in a bucket with wire on the top being kicked around with two cigarette burns on his head, skin and bone and just a broken wee soul.

“As if that wasn’t bad enough this wee man was parvo tested and although negative he has tested positive for giardia which is a parasite of the bowel, and his wee frail, thin body is just about fighting it.

“He is the sweetest wee soul and we are so glad he is with us. He is now on fluids in our vet is getting medication for giardia and some good food, little and often to build him up.

“We would like to thank you to each and every person who was involved in his rescue. You saved his life. And to the scumbags who did this may you rot in hell.”

While Stuart Little won’t be ready for rehoming until his condition is under control, he has been responding well to treatment and is growing stronger every day.

The spokesperson added: “He is fighting the good fight and taking it all in his stride.

“His wee frail body is just heartbreaking to see. He’s still very skinny but his foster mum is giving him all the TLC and encouragement he needs and she is so proud of him.

“Please think about this wee man over the coming days as it’s still one day at a time for him and his condition.”