TikTok star ‘gave police wrong phone password to hide involvement in murder’

A social media influencer gave police the wrong phone password to hide her involvement in a horror crash which killed two friends ‘instantly’, a court has been told today.

TikTok star Mahek Bukhari, 23, is standing trial for murder at Leicester Crown Court alongside her mum, Ansreen Bukhari, 45, and six others.

The 23-year-old has been accused of organising a trap to stop Saqib Hussain, 21, from leaking revenge porn images of Ansreen, after the 21-year-old had been in a three-year extra-marital affair with her mum.

It has also been claimed that Saqib also blackmailed Ansreen and demanded £2,000 to £3,000 in return for not releasing the images and “dirty” videos.

Two friends from Banbury, Oxfordshire, were killed instantly when their Skoda Fabia hit a tree at high speed and split into two on the A46 in Leicester, before catching fire just after midnight on February 11 2022.

Following this, the TikTok star and her mother were arrested at their Midlands home just eight hours after Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin and Saqib Hussain were allegedly rammed off the road.

When the influencer – who boasts about 126,000 followers – was arrested, Bukhari handed over her phone and was asked for the code to unlock it. However, she provided the wrong number, prosecutor Collingwood Thompson KC told the jury.

Bukhari has also claimed that she was in Nottingham at the time of the fatal crash.

Mr Thompson went on to add that the star “obviously” feared repercussions and that police would find the messages on he phone co-ordinating the horror incident.

The prosecutor said: “She didn’t want the police, obviously, to discover that link to what had happened.

“If you were completely innocent, why would you lie about your movements and lie about your PIN number?

“The inference was she was heavily involved in the collision.”

On the evening of Friday, February 11, after the fatal collision, the court heard that the driver of the car, Raees Jamal, took his cousin – who were the passangers – Ammeer Jamal, Rekan Karwan and Mohammed Patel, to a mobile phone shop in Leicester.

Mr Thompson said they knew that by selling their phones they would be wiped clean, which would “dispose of evidence”.

He added that they were “not appalled passengers” when the fatal collision happened, and “cared not one jot for the deceased”.

Jurors also heard WhatsApp messages were sent between Ansreen and Mahek Bukhari about Saqib’s constant messaging.

In one message sent on January 4 to her mother, Mahek wrote: “I’ll soon get him jumped by guys and he won’t know what day it is.”

At the time of the crash, according to the prosecution, the Audi TT was being driven by Rekan Karwan, 28, with Mahek Bukhari, Ansreen Bukhari and Mohammed Patel, 20 as passengers.

The driver of the Seat Leon was Raees Jamal, with passengers Natasha Akhtar, 22, Sanaf Gulammustafa, 22, and Ammeer Jamal, 27.

After the crash, CCTV evidence shows both cars returning to Gypsy Lane, in Leicester.

Mohammed Patel was also caught on CCTV leaving one of the cars and walking back to his home in nearby Braybrooke Road, the prosecutor said.

Bukhari is charged with two counts of murder and an alternative charge of manslaughter alongside her mother Ansreen and friend Natasha.

The trial continues.