British family’s pain as mum killed and her 6 children injured in Australian car crash

A mum was tragically killed and her six children all injured in a horror car crash in Australia, leaving her family in the UK heartbroken.

Hannah Fraser was driving her six kids to a tutoring group, in Perth, when she crashed her Kia Carnival head-on into a cement truck as she turned a corner.

Two of her kids were due to be dropped off at her sister’s house, but tragically all the children, aged one to 14, were injured. They had to be cut from the car by emergency services and four were airlifted to Perth Children’s Hospital, TeessideLive reported.

The 30-year-old mum sadly died in the horror smash that took place just after 6am local time, on Wednesday, leaving her family, living in Fairfield, Stockton, heartbroken.

Hannah’s dad, step-mum and six younger siblings all moved to the area shortly before the pandemic began.

The horrific news was broken by two of Hannah’s other sisters over the phone.

Christina Fox, Hannah’s stepmum, said that the family are “absolutely desperate” to get back to Perth so that they can attend Hannah’s funeral and grieve as a family.

Christina said: “We got the devastating news on Wednesday morning, we had a phone call from our other two daughters in Perth and they just basically said ‘there’s no easy way to say this but Hannah was involved in a fatal car accident’.

“All six kids were in the car so they were airlifted to the children’s hospital, two are in the ICU in critical condition and four are still there with severe injuries.

“We are just absolutely desperate to get back to Australia to be together as a family and share our grief and see our grandkids.”

Christina continued: “We weren’t prepared for anything like this to happen, we’re a large family and I don’t work because I’m at home with the kids, the youngest kid here is just seven years old. Everyone has just been hit like a bombshell here.”

Hannah’s heartbroken husband, Leighton Fraser, shared an emotional tribute to her. He said: “I’m sure I got the chance to tell you just how much your presence in my life made me a better man or just how much you meant to me and I hope that in the years we spent side-by-side my actions told you every day that I love you more than words can describe,” the post began.

It continued: “The thought of you not being here with me is so surreal. You’re right here with me, and you always will be.

“As I look to our future, I vow to raise the kids to the absolute best of my ability and promise that I will always honour the amazing person you are. Till I see you again, rest easy my darling.”

Speaking yesterday to reporters, two of Hannah’s siblings, brother Jeremy King and sister Amanda Beck, said: “We are all in shock and heartbreak at the loss of my dearest sister … she was so loved by all.

“She was something special, I’ve never met anyone like her. She was so beautiful inside and out.

“I don’t blame anyone … I know she wouldn’t blame it on anyone. She was the most forgiving person … I’m just grateful to have had her as my sister.”

“She helped raise me into an independent adult and I plan on returning the favour for the kids she has now.”

Christina added that the family were now fundraising to get them all over to Australia. She said: “I was a bit reluctant at first to set up a GoFundMe because I don’t like asking for money from people at all, from strangers especially, but we realised that my husband didn’t want to go without me on his own and I really should be there anyway, and there’s no way we could leave any of our children behind because they’ve just lost their sister.

“So we’re just in a position where we have to raise enough money for eight airfares so that we can get there.”

Western Australia Police said the crash was a tragic reminder of how peoples’ lives can change “in a split second” and urged motorists to take care on roads, reports Sky News Australia.

“In addition to the tragic loss of life in this crash, there are six children and the driver of the truck who have all personally experienced a traumatic event and will need ongoing support,” a spokesman said.

“While the circumstances surrounding this crash are still under investigation, it is clear something has gone wrong, and in that split second it has ended in tragedy.”